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LogicMath Download Files

Download the following 4 programs to your TI-84 Plus CE


How to Install programs on Your CE

If your calculator is not a CE, click here.

Before You Begin

First, make sure the OS version number of your CE is 5.4 or less. If it’s more, then you will need to jailbreak your CE.

Next, you will need a USB cable that connects your calculator to your computer, and you will need TI Connect CE installed on your computer. It’s easy to find: just search online for “download TI Connect CE.” 


Install the App

1. Download Zoom Math 200 to your desktop (if you didn’t already).

2. Make sure your calculator is turned on and connected to your computer via the cable.

3. Run TI Connect CE on your computer. Do NOT let TI Connect update your OS!

4. On the left in TI Connect CE, underneath where it says “CONNECTED CALCULATORS,” it should say “TI-84 Plus CE.” Click the icon that says "Add programs from your computer" Drag the app file from your desktop onto “TI-84 Plus CE.”

Run the App

1. Press 2nd-catalog. (Catalog is on the 0 key.)

2. Go down to Asm( and press enter.

3. Press prgm and choose ZOOMMATH.

4. Press enter a couple times until you come to a screen asking for your registration key.

5. Click here to buy a registration key that unlocks all the features of Zoom Math 200, or click here for a free registration key that unlocks basic equation solving.

If you can’t get this to work, contact us. Let us know which step is giving you trouble, and we’ll help if we can.

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